Friday, January 28, 2005

Gospel (False)

Oh, no! Not Again! [Matthew 7:22; False Spirits, Apologetics]

Computer users are being plagued with phony virus warnings and with patently false rumors concerning anti-Judeo/Christian activities. E-mail has made the proliferation of hoaxes much easier than in the past. Now there are some authentic viruses we need to know about; there are some genuine anti-Christian efforts at work in the world also.

Just as the printing press was used by God to proliferate the Good News in hard copy , the computer is making every kind of fraud easy to commit ... even so called harmless deceptions. The problem is to tell the genuine article from the fake. Many agencies of the federal government, departments of large corporations, and individuals and groups on the World Wide Web are tracking this chicanery.

In the same way, since the first century, false gospels have plagued the Church. Many wonderful evangelical, Christian organizations exist today to help the believer and the searcher discover what is real and what is false. But the first and best source of information on the true gospel was and is the Word of God.

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