Thursday, January 06, 2005


Six of One - Half-dozen of Another [Isaiah 55:6]

A giant sea turtle, which is on the international endangered species list, has been rescued from a floating Taoist temple in Hong Kong harbor. A local magistrate said the temple violated animal protection laws by keeping the turtle.

The giant sea turtle was being kept on the floating temple because the Taoists believed it had special powers for predicting typhoons. The temple master said the turtle was calm until the weather turned bad.

What troubles me most about this story is that the animal rights activists are no better or worse than the Taoists; both are creature worshipers; one actually, the other virtually.

Storm or calm, man is to turn to His Creator; and the only right worth defending is every man’s right to know His Creator. But how will they know, if no one goes to tell them; how will they go if no one is sent. [Romans 10:14,15]

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