Thursday, January 06, 2005

Sovereignty (of God)

God as A Waiter (or God as A Relief Pitcher) [Amos; Malachi; 2 Timothy 3:5; other topics - Commitment]

The generation just past crowded God to the boundaries of life, while the present generation is shoving Him over the edge.

Oh, we want Him around when it’s useful, but we don’t want Him intruding when it isn’t. We see Him like a waiter at a party, standing silently against the wall until needed. He is then beckoned with the hand, to come and serve or to clear the dishes.

Sometimes, we see Him like a relief pitcher in a major league bullpen, hidden from view until the team is in trouble … we then beckon him to come in and save the game for us.
"God is a Gentleman, if you ask Him to stay out of your government, your courts, your schools, your businesses, or your homes ... He will oblige you." [Ruth Graham Lotz, paraphrased]
[Paraphrase - Hubbard, David Allan; “Why Can’t I Worship God My Own Way?,” Amos: God Speaks to an Age Turned Sentimental; Themes from the Minor Prophets: A Bible Comm. for Laymen; Regal Books, 1980 p.37]

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