Friday, March 04, 2005

DEVOTION - What our sinful carnal nature abhors!

GUARANTEED FOR LIFE! Romans 12:1; other topics - Behavior (as in carnal), Commitment, Knowledge (of God)]

We’ve all seen those late night commercials which say: “BUY NOW … ONLY $19.95 … LIFETIME GUARANTEE, NO COMMITMENT – NOW OR EVER!”

According to survey results from the Barna Group, and others, many in the church think the gospel is like that … “NO COMMITMENT – NOW OR EVER!” They fail to grasp these two eternal truths: (1) the Father created us so, as the potter owns the pot, He owns us; (2) the Son gave His life as ransom for our redemption while we were yet sinners, He deserves our devotion and surrender.

Commitment or devotion to another comes through in-depth knowledge of that other. Many who go by the name of Christ know little if anything of the Lord they claim to serve. How then, one must ask, can they behave in any other way than as they do?

WHAT’S THE PROBLEM! [Deuteronomy 6:4-7; other topics - Love, Spiritual gifts]

A few years ago a man gave his wife a new Cadillac Catera for her birthday. For weeks she babied and pampered that car; washing and waxing it every couple of days … cleaning it inside and out, everyday … the windows looked like crystal … she sprayed it with “new car” fragrance to keep it smelling new.

So, what’s the problem?

Well, the one who gave it to her is feeling neglected; after all, it was out of love that she received the gift.

Are we so intent on the gifts of God that we’re neglecting the Giver of Gifts?

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