Saturday, June 25, 2005

FLOOD - Don't ever do that again!

DIVINELY HIDDEN SPIGOTS! [Genesis chapters 5-8; Other topics - judgment]

A few years ago, Scientists researching ice flows in the Whitmore Mountains of West Antarctica discovered an active volcano under mile thick ice. Ice melt from the volcano’s heat is evidently soaking the surrounding ground and lubricating nearby ice streams. These phenomena led to the volcano’s discovery.

The West Antarctica ice sheets are of critical importance to oceanic research … you see its base is below sea level, the only one of its kind, making it intrinsically perilous. Global sea levels would increase by as much as 20 feet were the ice sheet to collapse.

Science is a two-edged neighbor of biblical truth: on the one hand, its discoveries and theories often cause the questioning of Scripture; on the other hand, it continues to reveal secrets which provide plausible insights into events buried in the dust of the ages.

For the sake of discussion, let’s say not only do the ice sheets of South Pole collapse but those of the north melt as well. If one sheet can raise the sea level an average 20 feet, how much might the content of dozens?

Biblically speaking, the Great Flood did not take place in this way but it certainly allows one to see the possibility of the flood actually happening … a thing I don’t doubt, with or without the revelations of science.

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