Thursday, June 16, 2005

GOOD NEWS - The Gospel according to God!

HALF NOT TOLD! [Matthew 26:42; Hope, Peace]

Paul Harvey relates half the story to get his listeners’ attention, to stimulate their curiosity … then he tells “The rest of the story.

The Queen of Sheba didn’t know she had only heard half the story. She told Solomon, “the half was not told to me” … but the half which was told greatly stimulated her curiosity.

The similarities between Sheba as a seeker of truth and spiritual seekers of every age is amazing. There have been times when the half of the gospel has been told and searchers have come from all over to get “the rest of the story”: Moody, Finney, Edwards, Luther, Wesley, Whitefield, Calvin, Spurgeon, Graham … etc. And countless multitudes have followed their lead.

Haven’t you found the Good News to be much more than you were told? It was told to you that you would peace that passes understanding, but the peace was better than you imagined!

Weren’t we told Jesus would never forsake us or depart from us? We believed that but didn’t understand the half of it! Isn’t hope a by-product of the Good News? But the hope we have is beyond description.

Half the story was the best thing we’d ever heard … until we heard the rest of the story! We can’t exhaust the wonders of God … the finite cannot but hear less than all the truth!

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