Saturday, June 25, 2005

IMPRESSION - At least make an impression!

TOO MANY WATERBED SAINTS! [Ephesians 1:18-21]

Ever notice the difference between a water bed and a pillow top bed? On the former, no matter how much it’s slept on no impression is left; on the latter, the more its slept on, the greater the impression.

People’s lives are like that. Some lives are lived and leave no impression; like a finger pulled from a glass of water, when the finger leaves the water closes in behind and no one would know the finger had ever been there.

Other lives are lived and the impression left behind requires decades, even centuries, to erase. A very few are never erased because of the depth of their impression on this world (Socrates; Plato; Michelangelo, Da Vinci; Mother Theresa, Stalin, Hitler, Pasteur, Edison, Noble, Carver, Gandhi, Confucius, to name a few).

Only one man has left an eternal impression, our Lord. When all is over and the ash is blown away, only one name will be above all names, the name of the man Jesus Christ.

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Semper Gumby said...

Some friends come into our lives for a reason; some for a season; yet others for a lifetime.

For reasons I cant fathom now that I stop to think about it that saying came to mind. I almost didnt post it. But with nudging from who I think is the Lord I have posted it. I pray it is an encouraging set of words for someone.

John, thank you for following your heart on these posts.

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