Thursday, June 16, 2005

OBEDIENCE - It is not negotiable!

THE CHIEF’S COMMAND! [Various Scripture; Church, Discipleship, Sanctification, Service]

During WWII the North African Campaign was in a mess and General Montgomery was sent to clean it up. I’m told his first order was as follows: “The orders of the Commander-in-Chief will no longer be open to interpretation ... just action.”

God will not bully or threaten those He has chosen. No gun will be put to anyone's head; no one will be dragged, kicking and screaming into heaven.

We may choose to obey or disobey. Yet there are those who insist they’re obedient, but clearly are not! Such is the problem of the twentieth century.

Were I chosen to write the epitaph for the church of this century, I would write: CLAIMED GREAT PROCLAMATION; PROCLAMATION LEFT UNPROCLAIMED.

[Editor's note: apologies to whomever I acquired this from; I’ve long forgotten its source]

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