Monday, December 19, 2005

EVIDENCE - The testimony of our eyes!

NOT WHAT HE SEEMS TO BE! [Matthew 16:15; other topics - Deity, Identity]

I have a unsaved friend, a really good guy, who drives a white pick-up, with a utility conversion instead of a bed … it has several key-entry bins on each side-bank and an overhead rack with ladders and electrical conduit secured to it. Strewn about the open area between the bins are buckets of electrical boxes, used conduit connectors, electrical tools and reels of various gauge non-insulated and insulated wire, both stranded and solid core.

He tries to convince me he’s an electrician, but I’m not fooled … he has to be either a teacher at a local junior college or a chiropractor. He can’t really be a successful contractor … after all, I know his family, I went to high school with him, and I even dated his sister. No way he’s an electrician … no way!

Now you know I’m nuts, right? Why would I do this in the face of all the evidence which says he is what he says he is? Because that’s what my friend does with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

In spite of all the evidence confirming Jesus did the things the Bible claims He did, in spite of the testimony of eye witnesses, in spite of the testimony of millions that He is the Son of God, in spite of the archealogical and historical evidence, in spite of the lives He's changed, my friend still says Jesus was just a religious teacher or a mystic healer. He even insults my Sovereign King by saying, “Regardless of what he was, he certainly was a good man.”

My friend doesn’t understand this makes Jesus, the church fathers, and all God’s witnesses liars and charlatans. So I tell him he’s no electrical contractor, regardless of what he carries in his truck. Nope, he’s no electrician … can’t be!

Adapted from a message by R.G. Lee

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