Sunday, February 05, 2006

POWER (God's): Never, no ever intermittent!

GREEN LIGHT POWER: [Romans 1:16]

From my good friend Cornelius Claassen in Wellcomen, South Africa ...
Spending fever has reached all walks of South African life. Here's a fellow who lives in a squatter camp beyond Somerset West in Western Cape who now wants a television set — a new one, mind, not that secondhand thing in the pawn-shop window - so he buys one from the High Street furniture retailer.

But he's back next day, saying the thing keeps switching off just at the crucial moment. The shop checks it out and can find nothing wrong, but soon enough he's back with the same complaint.

This time the shop sends out a technician to pop round to see what the problem is. When the technician gets there, he discovers our guy's shack draws its electricity from a nearby traffic light, and that the TV only works when the light is green.
There's no argument some people think God's power is intermittent but they fail to notice they've plugged into the AC (alternating current) outlet rather than the DC (direct current) outlet. God provides the DC, I wonder who provides the AC?

The above was copied directly from a South African newspaper (which is unknown to The CRIB).

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