Wednesday, March 01, 2006

THIRST: Take a long pull on the Living Water!

SPIRITUAL THIRST: [John 4:1-26 or Revelation 21:6]

My wife and I were involved in foster care; we’ve had a foster child with us for over six years. From time to time we were required to take certification classes. In one session, the instructor was explaining how some children are abused by depravation.

She told us of three siblings who had been deprived of water. When they arrived at her home they were fascinated by the availability of water … they ran around turning on every faucet, inside and outside. But what fascinated them most were the toilets, they flushed them again and again.

A negative side to these discoveries was a sense of desperation when leaving home; their new mom solved the problem by getting each of them a mini-water bottle.

When people are deprived of a thing they “want,” they generally get along pretty well without it; however, when it’s something they “need,” or require, they suffer horribly in its absence.

These little boys didn’t consciously know they were suffering from a lack of water, but they were … so too is man as he is deprived of God’s living water! Just as he thirsts for physical water, so too he thirst for spiritual water. Only One can satisfy that thirst: The Living Water of Life!

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