Sunday, April 22, 2007

HOMOSEXUALITY: Just 'cause It Ain't Right

MEAT’S MEAT: [1 Timothy 1:8-11]
Agape Press has reported the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has given its “seal of approval” to the homosexual lifestyle by holding a brief rally in support for homosexuals, Thursday (13 June 2002). The USDA’s decision obviously relates to National Gay and Lesbian Pride Month activities in Washington. Of the approximately 15,000 employees “encouraged” to attend the rally, fewer than 100 showed up.

One supervisor explained the purpose of the event as the “beginning of the process to show the USDA cares,” and that if gays feel like coming out USDA will provide a work environment where they can.

This federal endorsement of the homosexual lifestyle is appropriate since the best analogy for their lifestyle is the meat market. If you see a cut that pleases you, follow your instincts, even if it’s spoiled meat. After all, we’re just fetal tissue in the beginning. Perhaps the USDA could come up with a new public relations slogan: “Meat’s Meat!”

I’ve been wondering though, if homosexuals are born with same-sex instincts (i.e., they can’t help themselves) why aren’t defense attorneys rushing to assist serial killers? Seriously, aren’t psycho-babblers telling us their research indicates there’s a gene-related predilection to killing serially (i.e., they can’t help themselves)? I believe they are!

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