Wednesday, January 09, 2008

BORDER CHRISTIANS: To Whom Do They Belong?

“No one can serve two masters … ”
Matthew 6:24 (also Luke 16:13)
The next time you look at a map notice the lines between the countries? Every map has them; they divide one state or country from another. They’re called “borders.”

In fact, every nation on earth has borders, real ones. Without borders no one would know where one nation began and another ended. A border lets us and others know where we’re standing … in this land or in that land. You can’t stand on a border; you’re either in one land or in the other or straddling the line … period.

Does the border belong to either country? Does the border between the Canada and USA belong to Canada or the United States? Does any one know?

Sadly, many Christians are like borders today, every church has them. I call them “Border Christians”; no one knows to whom they belong! They believe they can keep one foot in heaven and one foot on earth … “just in case.” Is that possible?

Not according to the Bible. The Lord Himself said, “No one can serve two masters … .” I don’t think He would mind me paraphrasing that: “No one can be standing in heaven and in earth at the same time.”

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