Friday, January 25, 2008

DISCIPLESHIP: A tight grip on our leashes!

We live in an area where we’re not allowed to walk our dogs. In order to give my little critter some exercise, I must walk outside our immediate area about one hundred yards. Of course, I don’t need the exercise, being a virtual clone of Arnold (Tom Arnold, that is).

On an evening a few nights ago we were walking along as free as can be when my hound made a sudden and surprising turn. As quick as you can say, “Spitz Spah,” he grabbed something with his mouth.

Now, I’m a dog owner from way back and I know you can’t allow your animals to pick up just anything they want. Not if you want to keep them healthy, let alone alive.

“Drop that!” I yelled, accompanying the command with a sharp jerk on the leash. Being a very obedient dog, in fear for his life and of his all powerful master, the object was ejected and my dog was dejected.

I’ve prided myself on having excellent relationships with my animals. And voice commands are one reason why. This time I was doubly glad. The object he was about to consume was a bloated animal stomach; a leftover from some local carnivore’s recent meal. These are notorious sources of parasites and poisons … not at all good for the animal, no matter what his instincts tell him.

Christians are a lot like this and God finds it necessary to keep a tight grip on our leashes.

Too often our instincts tell something smells good, feels good, looks good or sounds good but God (being a human owner from way back) says, “Drop that!” Like my dog, we’re dejected when we hear the command because we don’t want to upset God. But too many times the object of our affection is not ejected!

That’s usually when we feel the sharp jerk on our leash, the choker chain tightens and we’re compelled to consider the will of our Almighty God. But, sadly, even then, Christians are unlike my dog; many persist in holding on to horrible vessels of spiritual parasites and poisons.

God is not like me, however; where I would forcibly remove the dangerous object from my pet’s mouth, God rarely intervenes at that level. Rather, He allows us choice as well as consequence; but far too many believers are making bad choices and suffering painful consequences.

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