Friday, January 25, 2008

ETERNAL LIFE: The secret is written above!

The new teacher was given the combination to the school’s safe verbally. She then repeated it over and over as she hurried to the safe. As it would be, she forgot the correct numbers and their order; try as she would she could not get it open.

Seeing a fellow faculty member walk by, she quickly asked him to help. “I think I can!” He responded.

Walking into the supply room he let his hands fall to his sides and raised his face toward heaven, silently his lips moved.

Being a Christian woman the new teacher was impressed. “It is so good to see a professional like yourself stop and pray when he is in need.” She said.

“Oh, I’m not praying, the number’s written on the ceiling.”

It's a foolish person who labors on the door of the safe holding the secret of eternal life … pounding and pulling, grunting and groaning ... when the owner of the safe will provide it for free to all comers. All one needs to do is look to heaven and move one’s lips.

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