Tuesday, January 22, 2008

LICENTIOUSNESS: Writing our own hall passes!

“ungodly persons who turn the grace of our God into licentiousness” Jude 1:4
A few years ago, California Highway Patrol officers ticketed to a man on the one of their Interstate freeways. The officers observed a vehicle heading south toward San Diego, at freeway speed, with a lone driver and two legs hanging out from under the hood. It seems the carburetor linkage broke, so one steered and the other laid under the hood accelerating for his friend. The driver couldn’t believe he had been cited. [FxLine News, April 24, 1994]

This points out that relativism isn’t the only social ill we are dealing with today: licentiousness is another. Though the driver and his friend were going in the right direction, at the correct speed, they were driving the wrong way … just to get what they wanted.

Licentiousness is what I call “writing your own hall pass.” In our Jr. High School, we needed hall passes, signed by a teacher, to be in the halls during class time. In order to circumvent the rule, my friends and I stole a pad of passes and forged our teachers’ names. We did this for no other reason than that we wanted to do what we wanted, irrespective of right or wrong. [No, I’m not proud of what we did.]

Check the dictionary and you’ll see licentiousness is generally defined as “lacking moral discipline or ignoring legal or social restraint; having little or no regard for accepted rules or standards of behavior.”

Look around at the world today; you’ll be surprised at how many people are driving down the road of live with legs hanging out from under their hood.

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