Thursday, January 01, 2004


Whichever Way the Wind Blows! [Matthew 28:19, 20; other topics - Evangelism]

Blowing the church parking lot on work day is not one of my pastoral duties, I consider myself a member just like everyone else. I do it as a part of my service to the church body. Besides, it’s good exercise and keeps me in shape … well sort of!

When I begin in the early morning there is seldom a breeze, but by mid-morning the breezes ripple in and out, com-ing and going from all four corners of the property. Years of weekly practice have taught me to make the wind work for me.

If I fight the wind it’s a mess but as long as I use it to help me everything works out fine and at the end of the day the leaves are in the dumpster and I’m victorious. Let me give a couple of examples of how my philosophy of parking lot blowing helps in other areas as well.

The first example is jujitsu … students of this martial art learn early that they can’t win if they try to fight their opponent … mano y mano. They learn to use their opponent’s movements and weight to their advantage; with hard work and application they’ll win quite often.

The second is sailing … if a sailor tries to fight the winds he will get nowhere and end up a loser, the wind always wins those battles. But if the sailor learns to harness the wind’s power and use it, he’ll master it.

Now pasturing is a lot like blowing leaves, jujitsu, and sailing … if you fight the sheep they’re just contrary enough to defeat you. But if you learn to work with them and harness their energy and use it to accomplish your objectives every one comes out a winner.

However, just like a few leaves on the parking lot, there are always a few who won’t cooperate, no matter how skilled you are at facilitating their movements.

Just like stubborn leaves which are more trouble than they’re worth, errant sheep need to be ignored, don’t waste God’s precious time trying to get them to graze like you want them to. Given enough time, errant sheep will end up in some storm drain; given enough rope, they’ll hang themselves. Either way they’re not worth the effort.

After you’ve led your sheep to where they can do themselves and no one else any harm, “Go,” my child, and find the lost sheep of the Kingdom ... the ones who want answers and deliverance.

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