Thursday, January 01, 2004

SOWING: We're the field hands in the Harvest field of eternity.

FIRST SOW, THEN REAP [Galatians 6:6, 7]

A Wycliffe Bible Translators radio program in Peru is now supported by the tribe it sought to reach, the Huntington Beach, California-based ministry said.

A few years ago a U.S. visitor gave co-translators Pushpi and Yepo, members of the Huaylas Quechua tribe, money to use however they saw fit. They used it to air a weekly radio program in their native language, Quechua. The program, “Alli wallaqu i,” means “good news” and features Scripture reading. After airing the show for two months, Pushpi and Yepo began to say their good-byes to their audience because funding had nearly run out.

Letters, many containing contributions, began to pour in. One girl sold a sheep she had raised and donated the money. Other offerings and letters of appreciation continued to arrive. “This isn’t a program just for Catholics or just evangelicals,” one Quechua man wrote. “It teaches us God’s Word. It’s for everyone.”

A 10-year-old boy said his whole neighborhood listens because it helps them reflect on their lives and “re-teaches us according to God’s Word.” The program is fully supported by the Quechua people.


You ever garden? I love growing tomatoes - store tomatoes are just awful things, barely suitable for human consumption. I usually grow tomatoes from sprouts I buy at the nursery. Growing tomatoes from seed is a lot of hard work, particularly heirloom varieties, and unless you nurse them like your firstborn, most of your sprouts just won't survive. Often by the time you get good sprouts its too late in the season to get a good crop.

I think that is instructive about how we do church these days. We work so very hard to sprout 'em - but we lose so many of them. And those that try so desparately to grow never seem to find the soil to do it in, good sprouts often die for lack of being transplanted at the proper time. (added 30 March 2006)

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