Sunday, January 16, 2005


We are told that in many places in Indonesia, the tidal wave from the Christmas earthquake of 2004 off the coast of Sumatra came as a wall of water 30-50 feet high is many places.

Most people simply drowned; but witnesses are saying that a large number of them were battered to death or were cut to ribbons by the debris caught up in the water.

The godless forces of this age have become like a wall of water, climbing high over our heads. The debris they pick up on their rush to overwhelm us is battering the best parts of our existence and slicing the remainder into scrapes.

Lifestyles which allow no room for the elderly have fueled the “physician assisted suicide” movement. Lifestyles which allow no room for the inconvenience of children have fueled baby murders by the millions. Lifestyles which allow no room for personal responsibility have fueled the drug and pornography industries, leading to the ruin of countless thousands of lives.

What is going on here? No one person has the definitive answer but research is pointing back to the Age of Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution; where the questioning of God and life began, and where people began to look for salves for the guilt associated with their new wealth, toys, and lack of concern for others.

The former questioned the value of any non-humanistic philosophy, man became man’s new god; the latter fed the hubris and greed of man, leading to class distinctions along the lines of intellect and wealth.

One philosophy says, “If you can’t keep up, it must be your fault.” The other says, “If you’re poor or sick it isn’t our fault, we’ve worked hard for what we have. And no, you can’t have any of ours.”

Without Christianity interceding at every juncture the slaughter of “the least of these” would be worse than it is … you see, the destination of godlessness is human perfection, an unreachable objective.

The Caesars, the Hitlers, the Pol Pots, the Idi Amins, the Mao Zedongs, and our Islamo-fascists have revealed their "solution" for man’s problems, death to all who will not submit and serve their altar death.

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