Friday, January 21, 2005


The Tile Layer [Romans 8:29-30; other topics - Perfection; Sanctification; Likeness; Reflection]

People are often impatient to see their new ceramic tile laid; they’re reluctant to endure the required prep work.

It is true you may lay ceramic tile over the top of almost anything (plywood, old tile, hardboard, drywall, etc.), but it’s just as true that professionals lay tile over a concrete type board ... sort of a “super” board.

The reason is simple: many materials are unstable when it comes to such things as moisture, heat, and age; whereas concrete-impregnated fibre-board is stable under even the harshest of conditions. Those grout lines in your tile are just like fault lines in the earth’s crust; under the right conditions, stress will cause those lines to fracture ... some stresses will even cause the tiles themselves to crack.

A good tile job will be laid on a solid foundation; a inferior tile job will reveal itself soon enough.

God is never finished with His disciples (at least this side of eternity future); we often require a great deal of prep work before any final material is laid on.

Many times old materials must be removed, other times the old material just needs repair or resecuring. This not only protects the finished product, but ensures a good testimony for the Tile Layer.

Since we’re the very reflection of Christ in us, this is an important part of the job. Good discipling gives evidence of a solid foundation; impatient discipling reveals itself soon enough.

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