Friday, January 07, 2005


Second Incarnation [Ephesians 4:1-27; other topics - Church (health & nature)]

David Hansen defines vision as “an incarnation of the will of God in a particular place.”[1] To that I would add, in the midst of a particular people.

Complacency and discouragement are the twin enemies of vision: Billy Graham said, “complacency makes us lazy; discouragement paralyzes us.”[2] Then he challenged his readers to understand the context for his statement: 1) 70% of the world remains unsaved, therefore complacency is not an option; 2) God is still at work around us, we dare not be discouraged.

A church needs to know where God wants it to go, what He wants it to be, and the purpose for which it exists; that journey begins with the mind and heart of God, it is translated into God’s vision for His Church, through His people. A believer cannot plow looking back; neither can a church.

A church is not a society, it is an organism; each member cell must be healthy or the whole organism suffers. A healthy organism has cells focused on the same end … unity in the bonds of peace … the growth of the body for the building up of itself in love [Ephesians 4:3, 16], which is ultimately to the glory of God.

[Adapted from [1] Current Thoughts & Trends, April 1996, 16 #11035; [2] ibid. December 1996, 22 #11686]

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