Friday, January 07, 2005


Global Halitosis [Matthew 24:6-8; other topics - End Times; Peace]

Christ said when the fig tree blooms we’ll know the end is near. He said one of the other signs was "wars and rumors of wars.” He said you’ll also hear people peddling peace.

Everywhere you look today you see war and fighting. It seems every nation on earth is in a fight or threatening to have one [and that doesn’t even take into account the earthquakes or famines]. And if you listen real well, you’ll hear a crescendo of voices crying “peace, peace.”

In telling stories of his youth in Kentucky, Lee Roberson describes a 25 acre farm he and his family worked years ago; but all it ever was, was “25 acres of wild garlic.” He says his family did everything they could to get rid that farm of garlic: they “sub soiled” it, “plowed” it, and “burned” it, to no avail. Roberson says he milked four cows (twice a day, every day) for his folks. He even skimmed it and churned it for butter. He asks, after all that work, “you know what you’re drinking? ... Did you ever drink onion milk?”

Roberson closed with this comment: “There will be no peace in this age for the roots of war cannot be dug out. There will be no peace in this age because of the worldly, sinful nature of man”

[Adapted from “The Truth That Changed My Life,” Dr. Lee Roberson; Revival Fires!; September 1999, Vol. 11, No. 9, 16]

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