Friday, February 18, 2005

God (Love of)

CREATED OR CREATOR! [Deuteronomy 6:5; other topics - Addiction, Devotion, Temptation]

I love chocolate … if I have one piece, it’s not enough. If there’s any laying around, I’ll eat more … in fact I will often eat the addictive stuff until it’s all gone. That’s why we don’t have chocolate around our house.

We don’t allow anything into our home which tempts any member with something they can’t handle. That’s one reason my family looks forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas … that’s when we bend the rules for them (they hide it … but I always find it).

I was commenting on this to our adult Sunday School class when it suddenly occurred to me just how fond I am of chocolate. Wow! What a revelation! I really love the stuff!

The beauty of this revelation wasn’t so much the conviction I should be under (which I am) but rather the realization of just how much I truly love my Father in heaven.

For some reason (which I cannot explain) I had not, in twenty years, had a decent measure by which to judge my love of God (or my wife or kids, for that matter). This was it! An abrupt intellectual and emotional comprehension of the depth of my affection for a created thing caused me to compare one passion with another, which I also knew was very deep … my love of the Creator (yes, wife and kids, too)!

You’ll be glad to know (I certainly was), God beats chocolate by an enormous amount. Every believer should have such an epiphany … perhaps it will be for others.

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