Thursday, March 03, 2005

God (Decree of)

Jeremiah 5:22 [Omnipotence, Sovereignty]

A neighbor of mine in the mountains above Santa Cruz, California, used to ignore our boundaries and use everyone’s property like it was his own.

Man can neither create or stop the weather, yet man is far more troublesome and unruly than the worst ocean tempest nature can send us.

The sea obediently keeps its boundaries. Is it the sea’s obedience or the belt of sand which stops it from overwhelming the shore? Mighty as it is, the sea heeds an unheard tongue, remaining in its place … it hears and obeys. The sand is simply a line drawn by God; though raging with storm, the earth’s oceans respect that voice. And the sea, with never-ending constancy obeys the laws of God and nature.

Man neither comes nor goes at His command, but sullenly prefers to do his own thing.

Every molecule of water feels the power of law, and yields or moves at once.

Self-willed man, on the other hand, shakes his fist at heaven and burdens the earth with his unrighteousness.

What a wonder it would be for man to conformed to God’s will; think of the awesome power of all men complying to even infinitely smallest degree?

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