Wednesday, January 31, 2007

TRUST: In God We Should!

BRIDGES OVER TROUBLED WATERS! [James 3:1; other topics - Ethics, fidelity, fiduciary honor]

May 26, 2002, was a beautiful Oklahoma morning, the sun rising in the East as his 18-wheeler ascended the rise to the bridge spanning the Arkansas River. At 60 mph, there just was not enough time to react as he realized the bridge was gone.

In the words of an eyewitness, “It was just like watching one of those movies where the truck is just hanging there in the air.” That was before it plunged into the maw of the bridge collapse.

What happened? For some reason a barge captain lost control of his fully loaded barges, allowing them to drift into the dual concrete supports under the Western end of the bridge. Without warning, the bridge groaned and fell to the water some forty feet below. The 18-wheeler and its driver disappeared into the depth.

An obvious parallel exists with Adam’s failure in the Garden of Eden, but I see a more contemporary analogy.

Everyday, all day, the citizens of this “third rock from the sun,” cross bridges spanning the common dangers of life. At any moment, a vessel traveling beneath one of those bridges could veer out of control and destroy the supports they take for granted.

For example: a disease might smash a column out from under one of life’s travelers; an accident might swerve into a support pillar on another of life’s voyagers, perhaps causing the loss of a loved one; or unemployment might yank the entire support structure out from under a whole family of life-trekkers.

However, these are random, unintentional events. If, as some suggest, the barge captain failed in his fiduciary responsibilities, that’s a horse of another color.

Unfortunately, we have amongst us, in the spiritual community, those whose intentional behaviors and philosophies are not only dangerous but are abject violations of community or public trust.

We have godless theologies (Unitarians), materialistic spiritual communities (Binny Hinn, "name-it, claim-it"), murdering pro-lifers, insurgent supporting organizations (NCC), subversive doctrine (Liberation Theology), pedophilic youth pastors, predatory priests, shepherd abusing sheep, adulterous pastors, and Enron-like denominational leaders (Arizona Baptist Foundation).

These perpetrators of wrong are not only wrecking havoc on the bridges of life but are destroying the foundations of the ages, bringing down the Bridge of Life, which leads to eternal life. God help us!

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