Wednesday, April 18, 2007

DEPRAVITY: Fruit Direct from Eden's Garden

THERE’S A FUNGUS AMONG US! [1 Thessalonians 5:21,22]

Recently, one of the network news magazines presented a special report on a problem some people were having with potent form of fungus. The focus of the show was a Texas family who’d been run out of their home because of this particular mold. In fact, over a few years, several family members had become mysteriously and gravely ill from this creeping, crawling crud.

A video tape of the residence revealed the presence of the fungi in every dark place, in every location, anywhere microscopic amounts of moisture might be, on wood, on plastic, on drywall, behind painted surfaces, in concrete floors, in every room in the house, this killer lurked. The only known cure for the infection was removal and disposal; burning evidently being the only permanent treatment for the affected materials.

Any mature minded thinking person has to see the parallel of this natural occurring disease with our nation’s unnatural preoccupation with pornography. Reports give us a picture of a domestic industry (i.e., sans international revenues) with revenues in the billions of dollars; other reports have provided estimates of the domestic “hit” rate on pornographic Internet sites … the traffic is staggering.

If any are dim-witted enough to believe the problem is unique to the Catholic priesthood, they are monumental fools. The Southern Baptist Convention numbers its living ministers in the tens of thousands; statistically, it is impossible, let alone improbable, that the Convention is untouched by this menace.

Just this week a Southern Baptist church in Kansas had to remove its youth pastor due to a problem with male pornography. The church devastated. And, in this spiritual war, his wife and two children are considered collateral damage.

All over America, families and churches are being destroyed by our cultural depravity. In every corner of our society, in every household, in every dark place where evil lurks, residents of this once great nation are falling victim to this slippery, slimy spiritual sewage.

What hope do we have? Is there anything we can do to stop it? Paraphrasing the hymnist, “Our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.” Yet every untainted child of God must cry out with a voice united against this evil and purge it from our lives and land.

Source: Toxic Mold

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