Sunday, April 22, 2007

FALSE TEACHING: Untrue From the Beginning!

MUSEUM OF SELF: [Romans 1:20]
In recent years, several art museums in Europe and the United States have discovered that not a few of their “masters” were actually reproductions. Apparently, in many cases, the phonies were better than the originals … which evidently attracted attention. Regardless, whether they were better or not, they simply were not from a master’s hand.

Today, secular humanists are being frustrated in their efforts to diminish God and elevate man; it seems several of their theories have fallen upon hard times after examination by their own scientists.

The fakes failed to provide the needed proof of their authenticity; they could not show the Creator’s fingerprint. Only the original work of the Creator-Master offers evidence of His hand; fakes never will, even if hung on the walls of man’s Museum of Self for centuries.

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